Kat Truth

Kat Truth is Kat Bunker. I received my Master's in Sculpture from Texas Tech University and have taught at Angelo State University for a decade. Within 2 dimensions, emotions and symbols guide my process, whereas within the 3rd dimension, I favor a mind-bending, concept-driven narrative. I happily tumble down research rabbit holes to create a tapestry of visuals that both amuse and confuse those who take the time to absorb them.

Animals factor heavily in every aspect of my life, waking and non-waking. I should point out that I am a permitted rehabilitator for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department so at any given time there are baby opossums, ground squirrels and skunks at my house being reared for release. I am working on two "beastly" series — one devoted to extinction and one that began due to my diet — my art is not exclusive to the animal kingdom.

Finally, the collision of these topics — animals, music, consciousness, subconscious, dreams, story-telling, illustration — are inevitable but hopefully not predictable.

Cover photo by Katherine Thoreson.

Kat Truth can be contacted via email.