Kat Truth

Kat Truth is Kat Bunker. I received my Master's in Sculpture from Texas Tech University and have taught at ASU for almost a decade after being lured to San Angelo by my brilliant husband, Gary.

I am also a permitted rehabilitator for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department so at any given time there are baby opossums, ground squirrels and skunks at my house being reared for release. For the past couple of years, I have been hanging onto injured doves, pigeons and grackles that previously would have been taken to the vet to be put down with wing injuries. Turns out, birds can have sprains as well and most have been released back into the wild. I only bother to mention this because the idea of birds and the concept of necessary healing time factors into some my work for this show.

Within 2 dimensions, emotions and symbols guide my process, whereas within the 3rd dimension, I favor a mind-bending, concept-driven narrative. I happily tumble down research rabbit holes to create a tapestry of visuals that both amuse and confuse those who take the time to take them in.