Kat Truth

Kat Truth is Kat Bunker. I received my Master's in Sculpture from Texas Tech University and have taught at Angelo State University for a decade. Within 2 dimensions, emotions and symbols guide my process, whereas within the 3rd dimension, I favor a mind-bending, concept-driven narrative. I happily tumble down research rabbit holes to create a tapestry of visuals that both amuse and confuse those who take the time to absorb them.

In the last couple of years my work has evolved due to an ironic change in circumstance. My part-time job as a Naturalist, where I handled and espoused my love of reptiles, arachnids, and native mammals had to fall away to a full-time teaching job and promotion. A symbiotic collaboration with Angelo State University percussion Instructor, Trent Shuey, led to an investigation of synesthesia, which promoted my attendance and reaction to all events for a year. My lines honed, I began automatic writing. Venturing further into my subconscious, I began recording and illustrating my dreams.

Animals factor heavily in every aspect of my life, waking and non-waking. I should point out that I am a permitted rehabilitator for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department so at any given time there are baby opossums, ground squirrels and skunks at my house being reared for release. I am working on two "beastly" series — one devoted to extinction and one that began due to my diet — my art is not exclusive to the animal kingdom.

Finally, the collision of these topics — animals, music, consciousness, subconscious, dreams, story-telling, illustration — are inevitable but hopefully not predictable.

Cover photo by Katherine Thoreson.

Kat Truth can be contacted via email.